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Converting callback async calls to RxJava

APIs usually offer one of these two options when dealing with expensive operations:

  1. synchronous blocking method call (expected to be called from a background thread)
  2. An asynchronous non-blocking method call that uses callbacks (and/or listeners, broadcast receivers, etc)

Converting synchronous APIs to Observables

For the first type of APIs, RxJava offers a convenient factory method named Observable.fromCallable(). For example, this is how it would look to convert the commit method from Android’s SharedPreferences API:

// wrapping synchronous operation in an RxJava Observable
Observable<Boolean> wipeContents(final SharedPreferences sharedPreferences) { 
    return Observable.fromCallable(new Callable<Boolean>() { 
        public Boolean call() throws Exception { 
            return sharedPreferences.edit().clear().commit(); 


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